Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ambrose Coffee - 1805 Land Dispute Deposition

Taken in Montgomery county on January 29, 1805. From Fayette County Records, Vol. I. Michael Cook, CG and Bettie A. Cummings, CG.p.806.

Deposition of AMBROSE COFFEE:

In the year 1779 I became well acquainted with Edwin (Edward) Williams, John Harper and Nicholas Anderson in the latter part, and in the beginning of the year 1780. I had frequently heard them say that Edwin (Edward) Williams has built a cabin in headwater of Little Mountain or Hingston creek. Sometime in the year 1780, being in the woods and came to this place where Edwin (Edward) Williams and his son DANIEL WILLIAMS and John Harper and myself lodged in said cabin reported to be said Williams cabin and said Williams told me that he had built said cabin, likewise the company that was present told me the same, and I never heard that said Williams ever built any other cabin in order to procure land by but this one and it was a place of notoriety used by hunters.

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