Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fort Boonesborough and Old Fort Harrod - Sightseeing Some Kentucky History!

 Fort Boonesborough Illustration

My parents and I took a little two day history nerd trip to Kentucky, to see the Fort Boonesborough and Old Fort Harrod sites. It was a lot of fun, and SO helpful for me as far as my book goes, to actually see what I will be writing about. I imagine I will be visiting Boonesborough again before it is all said and done, in fact in the Spring they have a Women On The Frontier weekend that I would love to check out!

I took some pictures, but I wish I would have taken more - I got so caught up in looking at things that I didn't pull out my camera often enough! I did get some good ones though, and when I go back I will be sure to spend more time with my camera out...

Old Fort Harrod

Fort Boonesborough

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