Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ambrose Coffee - Dunmore's War - Virginia Militia

Pittsburgh Payrolls 1775 - click to enlarge.
Ambrose Coffee - 176 Days - Pay: 13:4:0

"The Third Revolutionary Convention passed an ordinance in July of 1775 appointing commissioners to settle the accounts of the militia lately drawn out in an expedition against the Indians and for making provision to pay the same and for discharging public claims." 

Transcribed from images online. These records aren't indexed. 
Library of Virginia, Richmond 

This isn't a complete transcription. Please view the images at the URLs given below, for additional names and details, and to check spellings."

Page 25 folio. 

"List of Men stationed at Fort Fincastle und'r Serjeant Zane"


From Virginia's Colonial Soldiers By Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck

Names Of The Soldiers On The Pay Rolls At Pittsburgh - 1774 - Dunmore's War
List Of Men Stationed at Fort Fincastle Under Sgt. Lane (Zane)
Ambrose Coffee, etc.

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