Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Mystery of Ailsey Coffee - Wife Of Ambrose Coffee, KY Pioneer

Try as I might, I have not had any luck finding any source records about the wife of my ancestor Ambrose Coffee. There is some information on various online family trees about her, but no way of knowing where the information about her actually came from - including the biggies! Her name, her birth year, her birth place, her death year... I'm not finding any source for any of those things. Talk about frustrating!

So, I decided to gather together all of this information here in one spot, along with a fairly desperate plea for help - please Internet, send someone who knows something concrete my way!! My email address is - I'm interested in anything that might lead to some record of her, or some mention of her in a family book or family bible - ANYTHING. Drop me a line! :)

Information found online about Ailsey Coffee - Wife of Ambrose Coffee, Boonesborough Settler & Kentucky Pioneer
(Updated 2-24-13 - as of now, no source records...)

Name: Ailsey or Ailseys - Maiden Name Unknown
(My guess is Ailsey is the correct name - it seems that it was passed down through the family, as Ailsey and also as Alcey. I think Ailseys is a misspelling that has been repeated - but of course, I could be wrong.)

Birth Year: between 1755 and 1759

Place of Birth: Russell County, VA - or Fayette County, KY - or Ireland

Death Year: 1824

Place of Death - Slate Creek, Montgomery County, KY

Marriage Year - about 1781 or 1782

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  1. Hi! I don't know if you still monitor this, but I'm hoping...

    I have also been searching for info on Ailsey Coffee. Have seen a few things that look promising, such as birth in Ireland, maiden name Grymes. I'm wondering if you have obtained any more info since this was posted.

    Thank you!
    Elaine Batt